Bakels recognises that the ingredients our customers select are critical to their business success. Quality, safety and value are essential, but they are not enough. Consumer tastes and interests are ever changing and we are committed to a continued programme of innovation to ensure our product range enables our customers to satisfy the needs of consumers in the markets we serve.

We supply customers in every sector of the bakery market.  Whether a craft, supermarket or industrial producer, of bread, pastry, cake or confectionery, we can meet all your ingredient needs.

Collectively the Bakels companies support a range of more than 2,000 products.


  • Bread improvers, dough conditioners and shelf life extenders in powder, paste and liquid form.
    • Brands include; Dobrim, Lecitem & Lecinta.
  • Bakery margarines, shortenings and oil blends. 
    • Brands include; Karite Gold, Rollex and Masterfat
  • Premixes and concentrates for bread, pastry and confectionery products.
    • Brands include; Country Oven & Pettina.
  • Release agents for bread and confectionery applications.
    • Brands include; Tincol, Tinglide & Sprink.
  • Cake and bread emulsifiers.
    • Brands include; Ovalett & Bacom.
  • Cake coverings, icings, and filling creams.
    • Brands include;  Pettinice.
  • Fudge, toffee and caramel toppings, fillings and sauces. 
  • Fruit and savoury glazes, fruit fillings, flavouring pastes and Chestnut Puree.
    • Brands include; Les Fruit, Diamond Glaze, Superglaze and Pastry Fil. 
  • Non-tempering chocolate, couverture and truffle mixes.
  • Baking powder and instant active dried yeast.
    • Brands include; Hercules.

The Bakels philosophy, which links together such an extensive product range, is that all our products must be safe, high quality and good value.

Please visit your local Bakels company website to obtain detailed product information, 'Bakels Worldwide'.