Through our long history of product innovation we have always been at the leading edge of current technology. Behind innovation lies research and development. All Bakels manufacturing companies have the resources to carry out R&D for their national and regional markets.

Nominated centres of excellence take the R&D process further and provide know-how to other companies in the Group. Collectively the operating companies support a range of more than 2,000 products.

This close cooperation leads to our slogan "thinking globally - working locally".


Bakels is committed to continue applying our proven mix of investment and innovation.

  • We invest in new and existing companies to remain a leader in our field of activities.
  • We invest in R&D to secure growth through innovation
  • We invest in our people to ensure that they can give the highest level of support to our customers at all times.
  • We work to improve the environmental impact and the sustainability of our manufacturing operations.